Jack Knoll
Hopefully, you're here because you've enjoyed something I've said on the internet. Bonus points if you're also the world's biggest fan of Thunderbirds, Stingray, Captain Scarlet, and other amazing shows by legendary producer, Gerry Anderson. Since 2016, I've been writing reviews and other articles on my blog, Security Hazard, dedicated to these Supermarionation masterpieces of the future. Free from the restrictions of boring stuff like word counts and basic decency, I'm able to spiral off into surreal observations about the adventures of International Rescue and associated organisations. I prop up my comedy styling with a genuine desire to dig deep into the craftsmanship of the Anderson productions, and unearth new discoveries about how a small studio in Slough brought their unique puppet and model creations to the screens of the world. All these years later, and I've fully covered the original Thunderbirds series, and followed up with Stingray. My wife and I also produced our first ever podcast examining the first episode of every Anderson series, entitled Operation Anderthon. My YouTube channel is also filling up with a ridiculous range of videos to feed the Security Hazard machine. This blog has been a constant in a life full of the usual sort of turbulence you have to put up with in your twenties from job losses to mental health battles. And, because there are people like you out there who adore the Anderson shows as much as I do, I've grown an audience - a wonderful collection of people who are willing to share their own knowledge and creativity to make my writing experience even better. I work on Security Hazard for the love of it, and will continue to do so until Troy Tempest's ego inflates to the size of a black hole and swallows all of us whole... so probably until next Tuesday. There are a few small costs associated with the blog like hosting and keeping the domain which I'm happy to cover because I'm proud to put my work out there. If, however, you want to "buy me a coffee" and support Security Hazard and all the associated projects that come with that, then you can do that here on my Ko-fi page. Funds will primarily go towards paying for my WordPress subscription which allows me to host the stupid number of screenshots I use to illustrate my reviews and manages the site's domain. Any additional funds will be put towards producing videos, researching from reputable sources, and the construction of a giant pin to burst Troy Tempest's ego before it's too late. Thank you, Jack

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