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Jaime Buckley
Thanks for checking out my page! If you like fiction and enjoy what I’m creating, then consider buying me a coffee, or joining my monthly supporters. Independent studies have shown regular doses of digital coffee offset the effects of "Creative Overloaditis". WHAT YOU'LL FIND HERE Working with award-winning gnome historian Höbin Luckyfeller, we share our tools, research, and creations with followers and supporters. This is also where we sometimes post early-access works, before releasing them elsewhere. Things like: • Concept/Field sketches • HD artwork • Interviews with fictional characters • Podcasts MEMBERSHIP PERKS For members, I reserve my experience and knowledge through exclusive articles. My hope is to provide you with an "unfair advantage" when it comes to writing, publishing, and artwork. Satisfying hundreds of clients, both famous and not-so-famous, has shaped some unique perspectives you’re likely to appreciate.

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