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Hey friends and Allies! Ko-fi is a spot where you'll be able to see a whole different side of me as a writer, advocate, and person that you usually don't see, as well as a support system for my writing and other content creations. When you support me through Ko-fi, you're giving me the chance to entirely focus on writing Medium articles, the newsletter, a weekly podcast, and help give me more time to write my book about chronic pain. If you like what I do, please consider supporting me here to allow me to keep doing what I love and what you all enjoy! As a reminder, here's a quick list of the topics I cover: ✨Mental health and Chronic pain. ✨How Depression and Chronic pain are closely related. ✨Relationships or lack thereof, dating, and life lessons. ✨What it's like living with chronic pain and being chronically ill. ✨Advocating for causes such as Sepsis Awareness, Peripheral Neuropathy, and awareness for chronic pain sufferers. ✨Raising awareness on the benefits of opioid use for chronic pain sufferers as well as Marijuana. While also trying to end the shame around the need for taking opioids to help treat chronic pain. ✨How my life's journey is going as a chronically ill unmarried woman who is unable to have children.

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