ABOUT MY KOFI: ✧ Here you can browse my online shop, tip me, and request custom commissions when they are available. Tip me live to play a TTS message! HOW TO COMMISSION ME: ✧Please check my website (jubelnaomi.com) for updates on when my commissions will be open next! You can also find the information on my discord server and Instagram page (@jubelnaomi) or ask me directly on Twitch! ✧At the end of the countdown on my website (or in my IG story 24 hours in advance), my kofi will display a "COMMISSIONS" heading! Click it to request a commission! **If you do not see this button, that means I am not yet / no longer open for commissions** ✧Please read through the terms of service (TOS) on my website at least once! (Apologies in advance for the scary language.) I will post a separate announcement if there are any significant updates to the terms! ✧You may DM me on Instagram or email me at jubelnaomi@gmail.com if you have any questions. You can also find client reviews of my service on my Instagram story highlights titled "Love Collection"!

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