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I'm making Rimworld mods since 2015.

- TropiCKAPP Rainforest mod
- Vanilla Animals Overhaul
- Movable SandBags
- As Simple As Rack
- Colorblind Friendly Mod
- Craftable Molotov Cocktails
- Shearable Thrumbo
- Craftable Personal Shield - Now in the base game

- DESurgeries since around A13
- A Dog Said with Spoonshortage
- Nightlings
- Modular Table

First, thank you for even considering supporting me. I intend to continue no matter what, but it's really kind of you.

Donations will mostly serve for:
1- [1rst Goal] Actually buying the game so I can put my mods on Steam :^D
2- Paying for actual internet connection and web hosting (I'm actually a web dev amateur)
3- Saving up some money for a new computer


30% of goal

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