Hi! Working as a writer, editor, and publisher in the Philippines has always been challenging. But it has become even more so because of factors like COVID-19, high inflation, rising living costs, and stagnant writing fees. I've always been proud to keep The Reading Spree and Semi-Online independent, with the blog now at 14 years old and the newsletter, 2+ years old! 😁 But now I need help to keep them going and ensure you get high quality with every blog post and newsletter. The tips and payments I receive on Ko-Fi will cover the following expenses: - Website maintenance fees (domain name, hosting, newsletter distribution services, security) - New books! 📚️😆️ - Research, writing, editing, interviewing, and fact-checking costs - Living costs in between updates and professional contracts - Coffee fund! I can't be on a platform named Ko-fi (and I can't write) without coffee, right? 😉️ Thanks so much for your support! 🎉️

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