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Elle | keep it simpElle
Hello! Thank you for checking out my page. When we went into lockdown back in March 2020, my job as a freelance /self employed Fitness Professional was no more :( ...but, I decided there was no time to waste worrying about things I couldn't control. Instead, I put my energy into the things I could control (somewhat) and into doing what I love... coaching fitness. I originally created this page so those attending my free classes could show their support when possible through "buying me a coffee", for general support and a place where you can purchase on demand workouts or 1:1 Personal Training. I've used donations so far to: - cover my Zoom Pro subscription (£15 pm) - cover my booking software (£15pm) - Annual Vimeo Pro subscription (£160pa) - contribute towards advertising costs I also managed to buy the equipment (2x soft boxes, USB mixer, microphone & headset) I needed to deliver the best quality classes day or night and to upgrade my Ko-fi account to GOLD allowing supporters exclusive access to exclusive content! I RECENTLY LAUNCHED a weekly on demand library of fitness videos based on the feedback I received about everyone not being able to make the live classes. You can get your pass and more info via my "shop" right here on Ko-fi! My NEXT PROJECT is launching a monthly membership - one for general support, one for on-demand fitness and one for (un)athletes like me... all with a bunch of perks, of course 😝 I'll be sharing my progress and behind the scenes updates here on Ko-fi! You can also follow along on Instagram and my blog. THANK YOU for your continued support <3

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