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Hello! Thank you for checking out my page. Since we've been put on a lockdown, my job as a freelance /self employed Fitness Professional is no more :( ...but, I don't have time to waste worrying about things I can't control. Instead, I'm putting my energy into the things I can control (somewhat) and into doing what I love... coaching fitness. I created this page so those attending my free classes could show their support when possible through "buying me a coffee", for general support and a place where you can purchase on demand workouts or 1:1 Personal Training. So far I have used your donations to: - cover my Zoom Pro subscription (£15 pm) - cover my Spotify Premium subscription (£10 pm) - cover my booking software (£15pm) - Annual Vimeo Pro subscription (£160pa) - contribute towards advertising costs I also managed to buy the equipment (2x soft boxes, USB mixer, microphone & headset) I needed to deliver classes day or night, to upgrade my Ko-fi account to GOLD allowing supporters exclusive access to class recordings and Im just about to enter month six on Zoom! MY NEXT PROJECT is to launch an on demand library of fitness videos based on the feedback I received about everyone not being able to make the live classes. You can access some of these videos yourself via my "shop" right here on Ko-fi! I'll be sharing my progress and behind the scenes updates here on Ko-fi! You can also follow along on Instagram and my blog. THANK YOU for your continued support <3

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