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keep it simpElle by Elle

Hello! Thank you for checking out my page. When we went into lockdown back in March 2020, my job as a freelance /self employed Fitness Professional was no more :( ...but, I decided there was no time to waste worrying about things I couldn't control. Instead, I put my energy into the things I could control (somewhat) and into doing what I love... coaching fitness. After being online for two years, I considered taking a break but you know what...?! Those sweat sessions are literally the anchors in my weekly schedule 😅 ...they're how I know what day of the week it is (lol) and they're the most consistent time I spend with other people (YOU) 🙌🏾 The last two years have allowed me to figure out my 'niche' so to speak... rather than just scheduling a HIIT class for the sake of it, there's a reason behind every session. TUESDAYS 💦 0830 GMT, HIIT & Core 30 Introduce impact (optional) into your workouts to help build bone, improve power and muscle strength. THURSDAYS 🍑 1830 GMT, Strength 30 In the words of Dr Stacy Sims... women need to Lifting Heavy Sh*t - and we need to do it now to future proof our bodies for menopause, or in menopause to maintain our muscles. FRIDAYS 🍎 0830 GMT, Hardcore 30 There's no-one that wouldn't benefit from a core workout - cyclist, runner, YOU. Check out if you're looking for coaching support on the bike, or to balance riding, running and off the bike training 💥 📲 JUST LAUNCHED- MEMBERSHIPS!! check out my newly launched memberships for access to classes; one for general support, one for on-demand fitness, one for live classes and one for Personal Training... all with a bunch of perks, of course 😝 I'll be sharing my progress and behind the scenes updates here on Ko-fi! You can also follow along on Discord, Instagram and my blog. THANK YOU for your continued support <3

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