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The webcam I use for livestreams works, but I would like to get one with more resolution. Y'all need to see my face and cats more clearly.


I'm a genderqueer comic artist, writer, and nerd, making comics, art, and writing for fantasy and slice-of-life stories. This Ko-Fi is to help support the writing that I do, from blog posts to fantasy novellas.

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Kelci D Crawford
If you like what I do, what I write, and what I draw, I hope you support me here. Any giving will go towards covering bills and keeping the creativity going. I make LGBTQ comics, and I also write! And this Ko-Fi will help me continue writing. I blog about life as an indie comic artist, write poems upon request, and write up fantasy short stories and novellas. (Also I write fanfiction. I'm not ashamed). If you give through Ko-Fi, you'll get access to all of my writing, plus hi-res downloads of my illustrations. Thank you for your support! You. Are. Awesome.

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