Kelci D Crawford
Welcome to the Kelci D Crawford Ko-Fi Comics Club! I’ve been making comics online since 2013 (which some experts would say is a long ass time.) But I’ve never done it alone - there’s always help from readers like you to bring these projects to life. By supporting me with a monthly subscription, you get: - comic scripts that can't be read elsewhere online, - sneak peeks at the making of comics pages, from sketch to lettering, - early access to webcomic updates, - Ko-Fi exclusive webcomics, - access to sketchbook pages for my webcomic projects, - and commissions discounts. Can you give only once? That's ok! If you give a one-time tip, or buy something for $2+ from my shop, or buy a commission, you get: - access to sketchbook pages - commission discounts Giving once or monthly gets you access to my Tiny Dinos Discord server, as well (if you're into that)! Can you contribute to great comics? Marvelous! If not, share this page with your comics-loving friends. Thank you for your support. You. Are. Awesome.

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