Kelci D Crawford
I’ve been making comics online since 2013 (which some experts would say is, “a long ass time.”) But I’ve never done it alone – there’s always help from readers like you to bring these projects to life. That’s why I wanted to have a Ko-Fi page! Because I have not one, but TWO comics I would love to share with the world with your help. The first, The Legend of Jamie Roberts, has been online since 2018. It’s the story of a genderqueer pirate, Jamie, and their two best friends treasure-hunting in a land full of dragons. With Ko-Fi support, I would love to continue the story beyond Chapter 3. The second, Julia, is new! It’s a retelling of The Little Mermaid, with some big twists: first, the mermaid, Julia, gets her legs, but cannot use them, so she is bound in a wheelchair. Second, there’s a transgender prince. And third, the mermaid does not die in the end. “Wait!” You may be wondering. “Why aren’t you on Patreon to fund these? Wouldn’t that be better?” Well, funny story – I have had a Patreon page since 2013, back when I made the webcomic Seeing Him. However, let’s just say that Patreon has been rolling out new features without addressing the SERIOUS bugs that it has in its system. It was annoying my patrons AND me. So I got Ko-Fi Gold and switched. Plus, Ko-Fi has features that Patreon does not have, and I want to use Ko-Fi’s extra features to give you, the reader, a more flexible experience! You can buy me a cup of tea once, or once monthly, or once a year – it’s up to you. Here’s a breakdown of what you can get, depending on how you support: Buy me a cup of tea once (any amount) – Get your name in the Leona Wall of Fame on! And get access to the Tiny Dinos Discord! Buy a cup of tea monthly (any amount) – Get the previous rewards PLUS behind-the-scene access to pages in progress, scripts, story notes, and other bonus features not available anywhere else! Buy me a create of tea with $80 or more – get the previous rewards PLUS get drawn into one OR BOTH of these comics! There’s also a shop where you can get PDFs, and commission slots available. And here are the goals I would LOVE to achieve – with your help! +$480 for 12 pages of Julia +$480 for 12 page of The Legend of Jamie Roberts More $$$ = more pages drawn for these projects! The risks: There are no physical rewards to mail out. All the rewards are digital, to save on time and postage. Plus, I think rewards like getting drawn into these comics is pretty freaking cool. Thank you for your support! You. Are. Awesome.

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