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I'm the illustrator and author of I Am A Wolf, picture book by Dial coming out in Summer 2019. I also draw little comics and casually post them about 2 times a week. My Ko-Fi page has a reoccurring payment option since I'm testing this out as a possible Patreon replacement! If you choose the monthly options, you get cooler exclusive stuff like glimpses into my working process!

Kelly Miller
Welcome to my Ko-Fi page! Here is how my page is broken down: Public feed updates art when my social media updates. All of that can be found in the Gallery section. Posts are for coffee givers only (both one time and monthly.) One-time coffee givers get a post every two weeks with some process work to see how I make my pieces. Monthly coffee givers will receive a ton more posts that have a variety of stuff from WIP, process videos, Q&A, and a ton more things. I may even take requests at some point! Also access to all of the one time coffee feed as well. Thank you again for buying me a coffee!

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