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I'm a story writer living in the USA. I developed a love for writing shortly after college when I realized I had a bunch of ideas in my head that I wanted to put on paper, so I started writing personal essays and research papers. Then I started to come up with some ideas for my first science fiction story and the idea grew until it was a multi-book series. I most enjoy writing science fiction, fantasy, mystery, and horror. On top of just the writing, I really enjoy the science behind the worlds I build as I have a fairly wide knowledge in physics, biology, architecture, and infrastructure. In most of my works, I love taking a step back from humanity and delving into the lives of otherworldly creatures and exploring alien civilizations in a way that is uniquely immersive and exciting.

Hi! Thanks for visiting my Ko-Fi page. If you enjoy my stories and are feeling generous, then please feel free to support my work by buying me any number of coffees to help fuel my late night writing binges. Thanks!

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