The Kid in Blue

"The Kid in Blue" is an early-stage documentary that delves into the intricate tapestry of growing up Jewish in America. Told through the evocative lens of childhood memories—often shrouded in silence—it offers an intimate exploration that will resonate deeply for both Jewish and non-Jewish audiences of varying demographics. The project’s mission is to combat antisemitism through human and organic storytelling, sharing personal memories and reflections of the Jewish diaspora through unique Ashkenazi, Sephardic, and Mizrahi viewpoints of growing up Jewish in America. Told through intimate interviews, as well as compelling illustrations, maps, and a complementary original score, the film will highlight our similarities, while honoring the unique Jewish experience. Bridging cultural and political divides, the film will be a call to action for peace and respect. "The Kid in Blue" is directed by Heather Shaw, whose prior documentary "Telephone" (co-directed, co-produced with Krishna Washburn) was featured in the New York Times and screened across the country including NYU, Mill Valley Film Festival, New Museum Los Gatos, Carnegie Mellon University, San Francisco Dance Film Festival and more. With a proven track record of educational impact, scalability, and dedication to genuine storytelling, our team is poised to bring this documentary to life, ensuring it leaves a lasting impression and contributes meaningfully to the dialogue around Jewish identity and the fight against antisemitism. Be a part of this important mission by being an early donor/partner on the project. Please email with any questions or partnership interests. If you are interested in making a larger scale donation ($1,000+) and would like to view our proof-of-concept video, please email Thank you for your support and for being a part of making this important project possible!

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