Pic du Midi, France

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..to be on a mountain in a beautiful country stargazing..ahhh..💝 Didn't make it there when I was in France this summer.. I wonder what it would be like to go there in Winter..dreaming..


Hi.. I'm kira, author of The Immortal and His Little Sorceress. I have recently added another novel The CEO and His Little Bunny..check it out! It's Summer yeah ! I hope you will support my travel addiction by buying me a cup of tea.. or just stop by here and say hi... I enjoy drinking tea while I search for interesting places I want to visit..If I could travel to Myriad Cloud City I would but for now I want to see all of this world one beautiful place at a time... 💝 I appreciate you reading my stories, I hope their adventures make you smile! The Immortal and His Little Sorcess is on hiatus until September 15..please join XiXi then as her journey continues 😊

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