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Hello! I'm julius aka kisse. I'm a journalist-illustrator. I draw original characters, fan art and anti-fascist cats. Occasionally I write and create videos. Here on my kofi you can order simple commissions and tip me for my body of work that's available online. Thank you for your support!

Ko-fi comms instructions You can either use this site to pay for my existing work that is available online, or you can request a simple custom commission. My Ko-fi commissions are usually where I experiment with techniques and styles and the customer has a little less control over the creative process. When sending me a commission ko-fi, please detail in the message or in a Twitter DM/email what type of drawing would you like, or request a surprise drawing, to make sure your ko-fi doesn’t get mixed with tips on existing content. Current pricing: 2 cups (£6) / a sketch of your choice, possibly coloured 4 cups (£12) / a more polished drawing of your choice (coloured) Thank you! You can find my portfolio at juliusjoki.com

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