Hi ! Welcome to my Ko-Fi page. This space has two main functions. It's my second grade shop, and my studio brain dump for contributors who are curious about my process. The second grade shop : I will put 2nd grade pieces for sale here. 2nd grade pieces have aesthetic defects but are still usable. A runny glaze, a slight hairline on a mug handle or a bumpy surface will often be sold for a fraction of the price. They're set at a minimum fee + pay what you want. Studio notes : as a contributor, whether you bought a 2nd grade piece or if you ever tipped me, you will have access to exclusive content. I will add weekly update about the studio life. Notes, techniques, glaze info, work in progress : this is going to be a brain dump of sorts. For all contributors as well as mailing list subscribers, I will add a video each month. It will be lengthy clips with original audio and the least possible editing. I hope you enjoy all of this and I'd love to hear from you !

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