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My laptop is almost 10 years old! Although it can still do my basic paperwork and organize my photos, it's really starting to show it's age. It's time for me to upgrade to something new.


Hello! My name is Devon, but I am more commonly know as Temperance from Komickrazi Studios. Komickrazi Studios began specifically as a small art studio and slowly branched into textiles and costuming. Now I make costumes exclusively. I am entirely self taught in costume making which began originally as superhero and comic book cosplay, but has since branched out into costumes from Video Games, Anime, Manga, and fursuits, as well as original customer created costume designs and creatures.

Komickrazi Studios
I love making costumes, I don't think I could stop even if I wanted to. Even with commission work, my income is entirely dependent on an often volatile market. All funds from Kofi will go towards helping my studio in some way, from purchasing a stick of hot glue to investing in a new material or product to experiment with.

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