Kristy Kate

Hi, I’m Kristy Kate, Melbourne artist & designer of all things cute, made to celebrate the joy of childhood with you! Not so long ago, I crafted a little drawing challenge with the purpose of learning how to use Procreate. I needed subject matter, so I reached out to my community and asked if they’d like me to draw their pets. The response was amazing! The Pets in Procreate drawing challenge quickly filled up with requests. I had so much fun getting to know and illustrate a variety of pets in my cute and comfy style. The cherry on top was how the portraits made my community feel. To see them adore their pet portraits made my day and I started to think, I’d like to do this more! That brought me here to Ko-Fi, where I’m excited to start offering custom pet portrait commissions. I can’t wait to draw your fur baby and bring joy to your day. ♡ If you’re interested in a commission or have ideas for other cute animal art products you’d like to see, I’d love to hear from you. Let’s play! x Kristy Kate

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