Laura Lexx

Luckily, I have bounced back from the Covid lockdown difficulties so please don't donate to me here. I keep this page up now so that I can make merchandise and books easily available via its shop, but please don't feel like it's necessary to donate. Love and support in sharing things you find funny is very appreciated instead, Many thanks xx --- I felt so awkward about setting up this page. It has truly been one of the most disorientating weeks of my life, losing absolutely every piece of stability in terms of career, money and in an odd way - identity. I don't know who I am without gigging or performing. The only time I've cried this entire week, through it all, is just now when I realised there were messages with your donations. And now I'm a mess. I cannot thank you all enough. For the money, yes - thank you SO much. It means the world to me and it is such a relief to think that the rent might get paid despite the lack of live gigs. But mostly for the confidence. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making my nonsense on the internet mean something. Thank you x

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