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English. Nikon Shooter. Gryffindor. INTJ. Tribute. Lovatic. Oncer. Caffeinated. Search Oxyte* on all major social media. 🇬🇧🖥☕️🌆✈️📸🎶🏳️‍🌈

So, I guess YT fills a little void in my life, one left when my own business fell down, and y'know, life happened. Pictures do the same thing. Capturing that split second of reality, showing the world what you see in someone, helping them see who they are. That's what I wanna do. I wanna help people, spread awareness, ...make humanity realize its potential for good. And I wanna eat food. Cos, y'know. food. I've been a creator as long as I remember. I was shooting photos at the age of 8, editing video at 15... I'm always looking to improve and become. There's so much talent out there, I could never compete - I just wanna be part of it! So why should you waste your money on me then? Well, not just because I have something to say, but because some of what that is helps others too. People go to my channel to vent and view, people view my images to feel something. And a part of all this... is community. Bringing people together. Sharing love in a world full of hate and pain. And laughing at me taste testing. That's fun too. I might be able to physically do this without you guys... but all the help you give will mean a dozen times more than the monetary value I may receive, for I'll know you believe in me, my message, and want to join my journey. Our journey. (Yes, yes I did just!)

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