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A writer who loves science, philosophy, and, most of all, people. I'm exploring what it means to be a human being, loving and suffering, in this universe, with these laws. I hope, with more understanding, acceptance, authenticity, wisdom, and gratitude we might go on being with a little more happiness, and a lot less time wasted.

Welcome to my Ko-fi Page.

My name is Lisa. I find the human condition fascinating, and I often write stuff about that.

Right now I run a personal/philosophy blog, but I'm hoping to turn writing into my life's work. I'm working on a collection of essays and poems, as well as a regular zine, but I need your help to make that happen.

I need readers. I need encouragement. I need criticism and direction. I need coffee!

I'm still growing, like all of you, but I'm driven by sensitivity, curiosity, and an intense dedication to help every human be a better human. I'm starting now, I'm using what I have, and I appreciate all the support I can get.

Thank you.

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