Lauren Spear AKA LittleZotz

My name is Lauren Spear AKA LittleZotz and I'll be using my Ko-fi page to earn a living from the content I create on my personal website,! By making contributions to my Ko-Fi page, you ensure that's content remains free — both free in that I get to be my own boss AND free for everyone to read! You're helping to keep ME sane (and pay bills!) while also ensuring that the articles I write reach the people who need them most. In return for your contributions, you'll have access to exclusive behind-the-scenes/Making Of entries here on Ko-Fi. These donor-exclusive Ko-Fi entries will include fun things like timelapse/hyperlapse videos of my drawing process (I intend to create a Making Of video for every blog post/page illustration I do!), sneak peeks at upcoming article topics, and other fun personal things. Thank you so much for your help! I hope you enjoy the additional VIP content! :D

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