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Living Magazine is the gloriously glossy FREE magazine all about SW France. With print advertising income dropping and local tourism organisations now having little or no budget to support English language magazines, we are turning to our readers. If you enjoy and value Living please buy us a ko-fi or two so we can carry on delivering it near you. 2 ko-fis works out at 1€ per copy for the year!

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Welcome to our page where you can buy us a 'ko-fi' if you appreciate our free magazine. Ko-fi is simply an easy way to make a micro-payment to producers of free magazines like us. If you buy us two ko-fis then that is the equivalent of paying 1€ per edition for the year - we hope you agree that that is small price to pay for gloriously glossy Living! For every ko-fi bought, Paypal take their cut after 20% tva is paid to the government. The remainder will go towards ensuring that we can continue to deliver Living Magazines to stockists near you - don't worry, we won't actually spend it on coffee! If you have difficulty with Paypal, we can can accept cheques made out to Living Magazine and sent to 2 rue Buffefeu, 86400 Linazay, or email us for a RIB if a bank transfer is easier. Thank you!

Ko-fi helps creators earn money from their passion. We don't take a fee from donations!

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