Loco Ludus
2261. The Thames Gulf in the North Sea. Smothered by fast-growing tropical vegetation, the tops of old London’s tallest buildings protrude from the stagnating water, creating labyrinthine, siltbanked avenues that conceal lagoons and a handful of islands. The temperature is dangerously hot. You’re looking for one of the other survey teams sent out by the Polar Alliance. They’re way past their scheduled return date at Camp Turnstone… _________________ Neo-Triassic Shoreline Regression Syndrome is a system-agnostic solarpunk investigative survival horror ttrpg module. Players take on character roles as Polar Alliance scientists and soldiers sent to locate another team stationed in the Thames Gulf. As the adventure progresses, characters are at ever greater risk of falling into an archaic form of consciousness that can unravel their humanity. --To support this project click on Commissions. You can also simply Tip me, if you wish-- The module is divided into 5 episodes of flexible play time. Random tables, plot hooks and alternative possibilities will be included in the publication to support freewheeling play and the integration of the adventure into existing campaigns. The accessible version will include a read-through by real people. The print version will be a 24 plus page A5 landscape saddle stitched zine produced to high quality environmental standards. A full colour removable dust jacket doubles as a GM screen and map. The inner pages will be black and white. The art will be brilliant. The amount raised via crowdfunding will directly influence the scope of the content and the final production. The “stretch goals” are: -Adding pages with stats compatible with Into the Odd, Troika! and the author’s own CounterpointD6 system, compiled in collaboration with Spencer Game of Keep Off the Borderlands podcast. -Adding more additional audio content to the accessible version, such as interviews with the artists. -Enhanced print production, including adding a full colour inner cover, which means more art. Neo-Triassic Shoreline Regression Syndrome is being produced in the EU. The environmentally-conscious printer is local. Writing: Barney Dicker. Cover art: Luke Oram. Interior art: Luke Oram and David Surman. Maps: Maximilian Hartley. Layout: Christian Thier. Accessible version readers: Quinn, of A Couple of Characters podcast, and Joe Richter, of Hindsightless podcast. US and Canada fulfillment: https://rattiincantati.com Neo-Triassic Shoreline Regression Syndrome is part of Zine Month 2022. See the other projects here: https://www.zinemonth.com To get an idea of what the art will be like, take a look at Luke’s webpage: https://lukeoram.com/its-kindness-infinite To get an idea of what Chris’s layout and Max’s maps will be like, download Trickster’s Net: https://tricksters-net.itch.io/tricksters-net (An accessible version of Trickster’s Net will be available in the near future.)

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