Lotte, Boardgame Content Creator

Hi! 👋 On my website and Instagram account (lotte_speelt) I post a lot of boardgame related content. I review board games, but besides this I also post random pics of what I am playing (and creating!). Since my online activities don't have any financial benefits (yet), and it does take a big amount of work and some costs with it to keep everything up and running. I thought of some ways you are able to support me: You can support me and my reviews in multiple ways. You can follow my account and engage in my recent posts, you can buy me a coffee (here on this page) or you can buy your board games via the affiliate links on my website, as I will get a tiny share of it then as well. Thank you for your support, in any way. This really helps me keeping everything awesome! 💫⭐😃😊🌱👋

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