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Hello everyone! 👋 Welcome to our Ko-fi Page. I'm Kyrizia, an indie game developer with a lifelong dream of creating magical virtual worlds. Growing up as an only child, video games were my closest friends and greatest adventures. They've inspired me to bring my own stories and dreams to life through game development. About Us I’m not alone on this journey—I'm part of a small, passionate team founded by a group of close friends. Together, we’re dedicated to pursuing our childhood dream, putting our hearts and souls into our current project, The Wanderer's Lullaby. 🌌✨ Our Journey The Wanderer's Lullaby is a farming fantasy RPG that combines exploration, combat, mining, fishing, cooking, and much more. It's a game where you can immerse yourself in a magical world, build relationships, and manage a bustling fantasy tavern. Why Ko-fi? Creating a game from scratch is a monumental task, especially as a self-funded indie team. By supporting us on Ko-fi, you’re not only helping us turn this dream into reality, but also joining our journey and becoming an essential part of our community. What You Can Expect By supporting us, you’ll get: Exclusive updates and behind-the-scenes content 📸 Early access to game builds and demo versions 🎮 Sneak peeks at concept art and game design documents 🎨 Personal insights into my development journey and life as a gamer 🌟 Thank You! Your support means the world to us and makes it possible for us to continue creating and sharing these magical experiences. Whether it’s a coffee, a kind word, or simply following our updates, every bit of support helps. Thank you for taking the time to visit my Ko-fi page and for your interest in The Wanderer's Lullaby. Let’s make this dream come true, together! With gratitude, Kyrizia 🎮✨

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