Magic and Pokemon TCG Simulator

Hey everyone, First of all, thanks for stopping by. :) We work hard to gather the best data available in order to provide you and the rest of the TCG community with the best simulation experience. Our simulators are passion projects that we develop while we juggle work and family. Our goal is to not only keep these simulators fun to use, but free as well. This means we're committed to incur all of the costs associated with running these sites for as long as possible. Our hope is that the community will use Ko-Fi to help us cover some of these costs, allowing us to dedicate more resources to the simulators, as well as to support the people who help us with data, art, expertise, and more. If you've used these simulators and think they're pretty cool, then please consider donating a few bucks. Your contribution makes a real impact, and we're extremely grateful for your support. Thank you, The team

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