I'm planning on making a living off of the content I make via the donations I get from Ko-fi. I want to make my content distinct, appealing and fun, and with your help and feedback, I might be able to do so better than if I were to do it all by myself. Although I have a very busy life, I'll try to provide activities like poll posts where you get to decide on, for example, what aspect of a game you want to be implemented. I'm just one person and I tend to take a while to ensure that everything is the best it can be, so forgive me if my uploads are inconsistent. Disclaimer: Any financial support I get must be for my original endaevors only. I do not and will not accept any money for fanmade works or commissions, and any investments put into those will be from my own money. No fanmade endaevors of any IP will be sold here or on any site I'm in, and should there be any fanmade content on any shop I run, it will be free unless allowed by the IP holder.

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