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My creative work evolves & revolves around the exploration of The Impossible Garden & The Wildforest -- worlds born one art piece & one story at a time. Birthing is hard labour. Please send coffee. My life goal is to become a full-time artist & writer. Your support goes a long way to bridge the unpredictable gaps between paychecks & to protect the authenticity & integrity of my art. I currently have a dayjob working as an independent market research consultant but most of the income go to support a household (2 parents, 1 sibling, 1 cat). I need patrons to help me with my creative journey.

Marichit Garcia
Welcome to my Ko-fi page! Please explore and enjoy the Impossible Garden & the Wildforest. Send a coffee to help create more paintings, poems, stories, products, exhibits, and books! Help grow the Wildforest!

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