Help MIllie Recover From Cancer & Find Her a Loving Home

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I rescued Millie off the street back in May (2019). She was being viciously attacked by a larger street dog. After my wife brought MIllie to the vet. We discovered she had a severe case of _vaginal_ cancer. Poor thing. As of August 2019, Millie is undergoing her second round of chemo. Huge thanks to for sponsoring her treatment since May! We hope she will be cancer free and ready for adoption at the end of this second round of chemo. Please help us find Millie a home.


I share free web dev advice, free code, and give photography tours to raise money for our Millie. Please help beautiful Millie (pictured) to be cancer free and find a loving home. I’m originally from the Philippines, but I grew up in Northeastern Ohio of the US. I am a freelance photographer, writer, and web developer based in Bali, Indonesia. I slung code and managed web development teams for Fortune 500s in a previous life. I give donation-based street photography tours in Ubud. Please join me. All tour proceeds go to help Millie or local dog and cat rescue organisations. When I'm not fooling around with a camera, I feed the stray dogs and cats of Bali (while sipping a cup of coffee of course). #ilovebalidogs


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