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Hi! I'm a pansexual, genderfluid pop culture blogger and author! You can check out my thoughts on everything from anime and comics to wrestling and video games on my site. Want some speculative fiction? I also write a bunch of LGBTQ sci-fi novels, available in most online stores. I use Ko-Fi to help keep up with the running costs :)

Matt Doyle
Hi everyone! I’m currently working on a number of different projects that I’m hoping to turn into a viable income source for myself. My main goal here is to supplement that, hopefully enough to at least cover costs while I build up the different income streams. But what exactly is it that I do? Well, let’s have a look … First up, I run the pop culture site, I feature a lot of different things over there, including anime, author interviews, comics and manga, TV and film posts, video games, and some topical stuff as and when it takes my fancy. The site currently runs a minimum of one post a day Mon-Fri, sometimes more. I’m also a speculative fiction author. Most of my work has a grounding in science fiction, but I always throw in elements from other genres too. The books tend to feature some diverse representation too, usually in the form of an LGBTQIA lead. My books have been released through a number of different avenues, ranging from traditional publishers to self-publishing, and my stories have also been featured in a couple of different anthologies. When I’m not working on the above, I can often be found planning and building cosplay projects. These have appeared in a few different magazine, ranging from the UK’s NEO Mag to IDW Publishing’s Sonic the hedgehog comics. I am also an artist, though my time to work on this is limited. I do have a piece in an anthology though, so that’s a good start. And … that’s about it. Honestly, any and all support is thoroughly appreciated. I’m always open to suggestions or feedback regarding my site and projects too, so feel free to contact me over there or on any of the various social media accounts I’m juggling. I’m most active on Facebook and Twitter in that regard. Thanks for dropping by!

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