Matthew Hornbostel
This Ko-fi page is tied to where I offer over 1750 stock media assets (many 3d objects in .OBJ and .FBX format with .png textures, well over a thousand total seamless texture maps, and 150+ video elements for compositors) and am releasing a wide range of indie game projects over the next 2 years. If you wish to support some of these projects, or if you just want a great deal on all the existing stock media, I encourage you to choose one of the following methods of support / backing, any of which will give you access to all the stock media content currently posted on itch.IO as it is at the time you place your support, plus a credit in any related supported projects and access to a few small exclusive game-website sections: #1) the standard Ko-fi backing at $4, finances further expansion (about 2 hours' worth of work on my end) of a project called 'Crowdsourced Adventure' - an open-ended browser based puzzle/adventure game - plus some charitable giving and a bit of support to other creatives in the genre. #2) Go to the shop and pick one of the three ($4 priced) alternatives, one focused on supporting development of (other) adventure genre projects beyond Crowdsourced Adventure (eg Miniature Multiverse, Panoramic Worlds), one focused on supporting my projects in other genres, like Vivid Minigolf, etc, and a third option, which finances broader gamedev from me in a discretionary way (eg I allocate funds wherever they're most needed to complete my games effectively) That's about it. Any of these $4 payments will cover about two hours of work on gamedev from me, plus (either) charitable giving on my part with what is left over or covering costs needed to finish games, whether that's some remaining scratchbuilding materials for 'Miniature Multiverse' or sound FX elements, or paying the fees needed to get some of my games onto Steam once they're completed. Plus keep in mind, a lot of my game productions are fairly open ended. I might continue to add new worlds or new levels to existing types of games if sales and backer support remains solid. With $2000 a year across all sources (sales on Itch, Steam, Etsy, eBay, plus backers here) I should be able to roughly double the rate at which my new projects become completed and made available. That could be amazing news for a lot of people on the web who have waited years for some of these things to launch and who would like to get me working on these types of creative projects full-time instead of doing really tedious microtasks in a grinding and gradual attempt to finance their completion.

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