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The comic strips and pages of Miruku, the sexiest cat in the comic! ...and other sexy chicks! 漫画の中で最もセクシーな猫、ミルクの漫画とページ!

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Iván Sarnago
Welcome to my Ko-Fi. I´m Iván Sarnago, #comicmaker for a long time, and with different artistic concerns. You already know me from the comics I make for (Green Onions, Lethal Chicken), another page of Cafés such as (Where I make superheroes) Miruku is special. A silent comic, without texts, which is made up of either a traditional comic strip (3-6 bullets), or as I will soon do, long stories but ALWAYS WITHOUT TEXT. It´s a creative challenge with which I intend that you can understand MIRUKU around the world. And by the way, adore her, ask us for merchandising ... Etc. I will occasionally will made other very sexy female comics here in this Ko-Fi Thanks for reading me! Bring a coffee and all this will start weekly, and who knows, maybe more often!

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