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Welcome worldbuilders! My main worldbuilding project, the Yonderverse, is a low science fantasy superproject aiming to be a lifelong passion. I have been actively working on developing the universe over the past two and a half years, and I have already written over half a million words in just establishing the world alone. Another project of mine is the A to Zoo. This fantastic zoo set within the Yonderverse is my method of spreading awareness about the amazing creatures of not only my world, but also the real world. I intend to educate folk about conservation and all things related as it is something I am *incredibly* passionate about. My work is hosted on World Anvil, an amazing worldbuilding site where my creative desires have no restrictions. My membership to the website allows me to transform my world into a visual spectacle, so any support, from just reading my work, commenting on my work, and supporting via ko-fi, is incredibly appreciated. <3

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