I am trying to pursue a dream of mine that seems impossible to achieve. I worked so hard in odd jobs and in school where people saw potential in me. They encourage me to keep up my good work and that one day I will make it! And I am hoping for that to be true! I write stories, books, blogs, and I paint with my heart, body, and soul. I might not be everyone's cup of tea and most ignore me but I will not give up on this dream this time. If I do this for free, so be it. I don't mind. I would live broke for the rest of my life doing what I love doing and with your support I can do just that. I hope you care enough to believe in me and support my work. It would mean so soo sooooo much to me and I will never forget the generosity given. I know I can't be the only one struggling to achive a dream...I hope you help me achieve mine in hopes of one day being published. Thank you and have a wonderful day! -Norma

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