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Cynthia A. Morgan

Hello Friend! However you found me, please know I appreciate you. I'm Morgan. Author, Freelance Writer, and Inspiration Coach. I write regularly on my blog as well as on, am currently working on a Dystopian Fantasy series, a Regency Period Drama, and a non-fiction book exploring spirituality, the paranormal, and questions to which we have no answers. All this writing takes time, which is always in precious and short supply. Your support is immeasurably appreciated and will allow me more time to focus on all the behind-the-scenes pieces of the writing puzzle, like marketing, promotion, social media, development, training, and networking to name a few. As this page develops more options and incentives will be added, but in the meantime, your options for support are varied. Depending upon your choice, you will have access to content, special promotions, direct messaging, freebies, and more. Whatever you choose, THANK YOU! I look forward to getting to know you and strive to make this a place where you can get to know me, my writing, my characters and my worlds as well. ~Morgan~

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