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Hello! is a car based game where the ownership of vehicles is as important as anything else. In the racing games of the late 90s working your way through the ranks to buy better cars was part of the core formula. Each car felt unique and valued unlike car games of today. The aim of the game is to distill the ownership parts of racing games and combine them ultimately into a complete automotive ownership simulation into a format that people can still fit into their busy lives. The game as it stands today is the bare shell of what I'd like to create and I hope with a little luck and support I can build it into something amazing. The game is far more than meets the eye. It has been designed to be easy to play but underneath is a number of complex models, simulating many different aspects including: * How fast a car can drive around a race circuit. * Car performance upgrades and their effects. * Car wear and tear, which also increases when being raced. * Car valuations based on the year 2000. * Simulated second hand cars including mileage/wear/rarity. * Car class calculation to show the racing potential of cars. * Simulated citizens that will buy your car based on price at semi-random intervals * And much more! It has taken substantial effort to progress the game this far but I believe now is the time for it to grow and with your help we can achieve this. You can play the game for free but to secure the long term vision, financial support is needed. Who am I? I'm Andrew and I've been obsessing about cars for as long as I'd been able to talk. This project has been my passion for many years and I believe it is an original game with nothing else quite like it! How does it work? The game can be played anywhere providing you have a recent web browser (on desktop / tablet / mobile), it is predominately text based and is designed to be played a little, but often. Why website / text based? * It is the only way to achieve the scope I would like to accomplish. * As a one man project it would be impossible otherwise. * Websites provide an accessible platform to involve more players and helps keep the game focused & intuitive to use. Why me? * My knowledge of cars and computers is considerable. * I have bought many old cars, done the vast majority of work on them and resold them myself. * When many kids were reading comics etc... I was reading classified car magazines given to me by my Grandad! * I've been into computers as long as I have cars. I have been programming for at least 20 years and professionally for nearly as long. Why Ko-fi? * Help me reach the potential of the game, the more support I receive the bigger and better the game can become, both in terms of features and content. * Games like this take a lot of time (& therefore money) to make. I have been working on this project for more years than I'd like to admit. Over the past couple of years I completely re-vamped the game to create a solid foundation for the future. Thank you for reading this far!

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