Manny Liotta

Hello, Manny from "MovieswithManny" HERE! I am a Filmmaker, Actor, Social Media Influencer, and Film Lover. This is a donation portal for all of my collective film-work. Currently, I am raising funds for my next and final short film, MIDNIGHT OXYGEN. A Sci-Fi/Coming Of Age/Horror story about a group of friends reuniting at a lake house until an astronomical event spirals the night into a plane of horror and eternal tranquility. The donations/funds raised will cover PRODUCTION COSTS such as LOCATION RENTAL, PAY FOR CAST AND CREW, and FILM EQUIPMENT. I have written and directed over 8 short films, all done on the cheap with funding coming out of my own pocket. With MIDNIGHT OXYGEN, this timely short film deserves a bigger budget given the ambitious nature of both the film and the effects the film will have on my own career. ALL DONATORS WILL BE CREDITED AS PRODUCERS AND SPECIAL THANKS WITH PERKS SUCH AS POSTERS, BEHIND THE SCENES CONTENT, and SPECIAL VIDEOS DEDICATED TO THOSE WHO SO GRACIOUSLY GIVE A HELPING HAND TO MY FILM AND THE FUTURE OF MY FILMMAKING CAREER!

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