Ms. Lola's Bazaar

Hey there--My name is Erin, aka Ms. Lola, Ms. B or many things in between! I've been a maker in some form as long as I can remember. Ms. Lola's Bazaar is the culmination of my obsession with magick & the all of the different ways it manifests in life. As my life continues to unfurl and get weirder & weirder, the scope of what shows up in the realm of "business" expands rapidly. The concept of "Ms. Lola's Bazaar" was originally created to encompass any & all forms of artwork and creativity that my life allows me to explore. Upon reflection on this concept lately, I'm throwing the doors wide open on the concept, because art, magick & creativity are my entire existence & vice versa. This page is here to serve as a digital hub for ways to shop with/support me as I try to find a balance between working on new ways of living in this world and having to survive under capitalism. Thank you for being here!

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