Gary De Cloedt
If you have found your way here then it means one of two things. Either you are lost, in which case, I'm sorry you have wandered in here, but while you're here, could you run the hoover round for me, or I have, in some small way touched you. Not like that. My writing may have spoken to you, entertained you or resonated with you in some way. And that's what makes me happy. Because that's the point of writing isn't it? Isn't it? If not, then I've got it all wrong. So if you are here and you want to make a small donation so I can continue trying to touch you (now that sounds all wrong, but you know what I mean), I will be forever in your debt. That doesn't mean I can pay it back. It's just an expression. Let's just say I would be super grateful and I appreciate your support. So thank you.

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