Nastee Chapel

Do you want to hear original music, folk songs and stories from around the world? Legends that have been told for hundreds of years to pass on wisdom, as well as our selection of modern-day bard’s tales? Then you have found the right corner of the internet. Gather yourselves travellers, whether it be at a live show or a livestream we will share all of this and more as we create a virtual campfire, a cosy tavern in which to settle in and let go of the day’s trials as we transport you through song and story. We are a community that enjoys music for the peace, wisdom, joy and comfort that it can bring to all of us. Coming to gigs, buying or streaming our music and any interaction with our posts online contributes towards to our growth and enables us to continue sharing the stories that help us get through the day. We are ever grateful to those who send a donation our way. You, yes, you, play an essential part in the life cycle of artists as you are the ones who provide the fuel for us to share these stories far and wide. As we say in our song Down By The River “We all stand together, or we don’t stand at all.” Our greatest thanks, NatalieGrace & Steve Nastee Chapel

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