Nika Talbot
I’m Nika. Content designer and UX writer based near Brighton, UK. Julieta’s mum. A spy, curator and tech storyteller for organisations on a mission to create change through purpose-driven projects and a written culture. I’ve been a remote company of one for 15 years - working in content + comms as a freelance journalist, author, copywriter, strategist and PR. I’ve written 12 books on health and wellness topics. Thinking about another one on longevity tourism 🤗 🏖 I’m interested in the human side of web work. How we can work better together, for longer. - Using tech to improve how we live, work and play - Writing as designing: putting content at the heart of design, at work and beyond - Wired + welcome: smart growth in small communities, deep connections through travel and remote work - The 4-day workweek – better than a holiday! My mission: Helping women and girls to achieve financial freedom as Digital CEOs of their own empires. My grandmothers didn’t have it, my mother doesn’t have it. I’m working on it, and I want my daughter to have it. I’m an RSA Fellow, NUJ London Freelance branch Officer, and a resident at the House of Beautiful Business and the Portfolio Collective. Still reading? Excellent. Let’s have a chat. Email I’d love to know more about you and your creative career, small wins and big victories, and your current challenges and desires. It will help me to work out what products and services to create next 🤓 Thanks for your time 👋 Nika - the Tech Storyteller PS, if you’d like to support my work, why not offer me a glass of prosecco? 🥂

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