Welcome to my Ko-fi page, time traveler! I am Nao, also known as that dumb girl who's always bumping into doors for some reason. I am a student @ Accademia di Belle Arti di Catania; previously I was a freelance full stack developer. I made Discord mods (Glasscord), Android custom ROMs (RevengeOS), Ryzen Hackintosh tools (AMDFriend) and some desktop apps (Sunamu). I contributed to several open source projects such as r2modman (Risk Of Rain 2 Mod Launcher); AOSP-Extended; RevengeOS; the Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro modding community. Most of my projects and contributions are available on my GitHub (NyaomiDEV). To see what I am currently working on, please check out my GitHub page and my Instagram page, since those are the platforms I use the most to share my content! I opened this Ko-fi to let other people support me as a person. Do keep in mind that all my projects are free as in "free speech", and not as in "free beer"; however, you can enjoy (most of) them at no cost. If you enjoyed or still enjoy my past and current projects, please buy me a coffee! Thank you in advance! :)

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