✸ hihihi !!! i'm bunny & i make cute things !!! thank you for visiting me, i'm grateful to exist in your world <333 my passion is creating warm art that makes you smile & inspires you to take care of yourself <333 ✸ how ko-fi works !!! if you'd like to support my work and join this tiny creative community, simply select how much you'd like to donate, or purchase something from my shop page, and get some super cute benefits, such as access to exclusive posts, freebies, little doodles, and my love forever <333 ✸ i love you !!! regardless of whether or not you choose to join the little oakfrogs family, i am sososo thankful to you for being here in the first place — i'm honored to be a part of your world — i want to keep making lovely, fun things, and i'm really excited that you want to see them !!! <333 with love always, bunny ✿

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