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Greetings, Ever since I was a child, I was always fascinated by memorable melodies I experience from videogames and films. This led me towards picking up instruments, exploring and joining bands, taking violin lessons and playing in an orchestra. I cannot count how many times I've experienced bliss and euphoria upon hearing by amazing musical crafts done by many of the talents I look up to in the music industry, particularly in the Video Game and Animation genre. I plan to continue learning and building foundations in orchestration and the violin. I wanted to create my own music to based on my personal experiences and sentiments in hopes that it will bring goodness to my listeners in any way possible. While there are many high quality artistic crafts that we can enjoy out there, I cannot deny the large upkeep costs of maintaining such ventures with regards to equipment, software and education. I am still aware of my limits in crafting my music hence I wish to invite you along my journey with your support. If you wanna know more about my musical venture, you can tune in to my website. I hope you enjoy your stay. Gian

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