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Justin Kelly
Support through this website goes towards making lasting solutions to persistent social problems and quality of life issues affecting Canadians. My goal is to provide a contrast to the current way of tossing millions of dollars of public money for temporary band aid solutions and corporate profiteering that doesn't seek a solution at all. This means developing tools to give the public the ability measure, track, communicate and hold people accountable. While this doesn't help these projects sell in the political world. It does ensures that good people are rewarded and most importantly, those that profiteer from obscurity, complexity and crisis; are promptly rooted out, exposed and burned off in the strong sunlight of public scrutiny. The following projects are underway: 🔴 Occasional Transport - Now part of the provincial inquiry - provides vital Ottawa LRT related communication and use the power of community and cooperation, to bring awareness and a pressure to transit related issues that would otherwise would be brushed under the rug. ⚫ Private Policing - Automated machine vision tool suite; for securing neighborhoods and empowering community watches (About to release ultra low cost speed trap camera system) 🟡 BumpTrak + PotSnap - Automated machine vision powered Pothole Detection for buses and government fleets (Core development done. In testing and refinement stage. Looking at fall launch) 🟠 Ottawa 311 - Digital municipal reporting tool and building in automatic government accountability and citizen engagement at the base level (Offline. Integrating OccTranspo development for unified reporting) Headquartered in Bayshore, Ottawa and a registered Canadian not for profit.

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