Ola Walsh
Hello! When I travelled the world for a year, I loved exchanging information and knowledge with fellow travellers. I started a blog to capture my experiences and details of all the places I'd visited. That way, I could easily share them with the people I met on the road. That little blog is now a website and has been growing ever since. I create this content for free because it's my little way of putting something back into the world. If my website were a plant, I'd say it's just about sprouted some roots. It's in its infancy, and I'm expanding the content to include information about adventure, conservation, mental health and wellbeing, as well as travel; all topics of which I am hugely passionate. When I got my first Ko-fi I couldn't believe it! Someone wanted to thank me for the information I'd provided about The Galapagos Islands. Totally buzzing, I made myself a pot of tea and sat down to write my next blog. Regardless of Ko-fi, I'll always endeavour to write nice and useful pieces that will hopefully help and inspire. But your support will motivate me to write more and hopefully, better content. Essentially I'd like to create a space where I can: Offer a free exchange of ideas and resources. Share inspirational stories and photographs. Introduce you to other bloggers, writers, movers and shakers, films and books that will help you to tap into your passions, and live a fulfilling life. Thank you for your support, and please leave me a message to let me know if there's anything particular you'd like to read or see. Massive hugs Ola x

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