A few years ago, I received certification in Reiki (Energy) Healing. It was truly a life changing experience which then led to a strong interest in the power of Sound Healing and Sound Baths as a therapeutic treatment. I’ve found Energy/Sound Healing to be very powerful in my own life, and am looking forward to sharing this healing with you here! Since receiving certification as a Sound Healer, I have been so glad to share the power of sound with my psychotherapy patients, and am glad to have this platform to now share it more widely. Sound baths, I’ve found, are a wonderful way to find rest, pause, healing, and release, in some deep, non-verbal ways that can be difficult to access in more active forms of healing like therapy or journaling, when our busy minds can get in our way. Tones, vibrations and frequencies are able to do some powerful healing work for us, going where our bodies need them to go, even if we don’t quite know on an intellectual level what we “need.” In sound healing, all we have to do is be open to the healing, open to the release, for the experience to be helpful to us. My Reiki training adds an additional layer to my sound baths, as I always connect with Reiki healing energy, something that we all are connected to and have access to, and send that energy through every one of my sound baths. I've gotten feedback from many people who have experienced my sound baths that this infusion of Reiki energy adds a deeper sense of holding and healing for them, and I hope that it will for you too. I'm so glad you're here.

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