IMPORTANT KO-FI SHOP INFO! Currently Ko-Fi is beta testing their shop platform and I'm testing it out! They are still working on improving it and adding features to it. Currently it DOESN'T have the ability to add multiple items to your checkout cart. So if you'd like multiple items or any items listed in my Etsy shop just contact me directly and I'll send you a paypal invoice for whatever you'd like. Anything on my instagram feed is available as prints! Your support goes towards maintaining the art community I run and helps me produce cool art products so I can live the freelance artist dream! ❤ If you'd like Happy Mail from Pabkins! ❤ - Please see the commissions area or become a monthly supporter. - Learn about the possible rewards below! If you choose one be sure you email or message me to let me know your monthly support is for a specific level or I might assume its a donation. ❤ Monthly supporters info: ❤ The reward envelopes are sent via good old fashioned letter mail. So if you want yours tracked please increase your monthly amount by $4 USA / $7 INTL. Keep in mind when subscribing I do not replace originals if lost if sent by untracked mail. Though I do resend a print and sticker. - When you become a monthly supporter Ko-fi will charge you immediately and on that same day each month Ko-fi will send me an alert ACEO envelopes are send out in a batch together first week of the following month this is so I have time to design the sticker everyone gets and make all the cards. Other levels are sent the same week you subscribed. - access to patron only posts! - $1 ★ Thank you for the support - $2 ★ Easy automatic way to pay your monthly ATC It Up with Friends international postage! - $10 ★ "Monthly envelope" - It might contain any combo of: a handwritten note, a few random vinyl stickers, an ACEO print, sometimes an original ACEO sketch/doodle, or color me card! Loyal ongoing subscribers will receive the occasional random original ACEO! - $14 ★ "Monthly STICKER envelope" - includes a handwritten note & Sticker pack of 6 vinyl waterproof stickers (let me know if you want specific ones, otherwise its random) and occasionally a hand drawn simple ACEO sketch, doodle or color me card. Longtime subscribers might receive an occasional original ACEO. - $25 ★ "Monthly ACEO envelope" - - includes a handwritten note, a vinyl sticker with an original painted/colored artist's choice ACEO! It's a surprise not a commission. It means you must love a surprise and enjoy all the things I create - I create my best cards when I have complete freedom and love to much those willing to let me do this! ❤ You can see my weekly live art & Mail call stream every Tuesday 10:30am PST on my Twitch channel ❤ ❤ ❤ There is a GIVEAWAY RAFFLE EVERY TUESDAY ON MY TWITCH LIVESTREAM to a random viewer. The prizes are usually stickers for 2-3 viewers and at least once a month it is an original ACEO drawn live or a hand drawn 'color me' card or mail art. I hope to see you there!

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