Anything on my Instagram feed is available as prints, just message or email me - Currently I have no plans to offer custom commissions. As I'm not always actively updating my Instagram gallery you can see what I have been making lately on my Twitch live streams and videos. Your support goes towards maintaining the art community I run and helps me produce cool art products so I can live the freelance artist dream!   ❤ Monthly Supporter Subscriptions: ❤ All levels get access to patron only posts (though honestly I rarely post here the since the pandemic started) ★$1 ★ Thank you for the support ★ $2 ★ Easy automatic way to pay your monthly ATC It Up with Friends international postage! ❤  You can see my weekly live art & Mail call stream every Monday 10:45am PST on my Twitch channel ❤ ❤ ❤  There is a sticker GIVEAWAY RAFFLE EVERY MONDAY ON MY TWITCH LIVESTREAM to a random viewer. I hope to see you there! 

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