Welcome to our Ko-fi Page. If you enjoy the content we create, please consider supporting what we do. This allows us to spend more time on this project instead of working to financially support it. We are currently running Palaeoiris shop as a non-profit and all profits are used to cover production costs. Donate to help us run this at no cost for us. If we start earning any money from this it will be used to support working on the educational side of this project instead of freelancing to support our livelihood. Thank you. ~WHAT DO YOU RECEIVE? We have months of work and planning for future projects stored at our computer at the moment which has not been shared so far. We are posting sketches, WIPs, creative process, creative goals, and plans available only to supporters. Every supporter will gain access to our early posts that will be posted to our ko-fi page a week before our other social media. We have many ideas and will be asking for your help in decided what designs and products we will be making next! For a price of as little as the cost of one coffee, you will get early access forever! Please read our About info as well. Thank you for your consideration. <3

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