Hi! I’m Sabrina (she/her), born and raised in Hong Kong and currently based in York, England. I'm a Youth Theatre Assistant, freelance editor and tutor, and I’m also an archaeologist and anthropologist, book blogger (with a special interest in LGBTQ+ and Global Majority stories), artist and ARMY 💜 On my Ko-fi, I’ll be sharing finished pieces and sneak peeks of my favourite arty, bookish and maybe even original musical content. (I’m a trained singer!) Through this page, you can also commission me for artwork or editing work (I have particular experience with academic writing)! You can find my art on my portfolio (, RedBubble ( and Instagram (, where I also post works-in-progress, short process videos and other fun things. My blog ( has detailed book reviews, book tags (sometimes blended in with BTS’ music!) and more. I love spreading the word about diverse stories on my bookstagram too (, where I also post mini-reviews and other bookish visual content! My YouTube ( is where you’ll find longer and narrated process videos, paint swatching, sketchbook tryouts and more. Art-wise, in my childhood and teens I trained with the ‘Techniques’ skills-based programme at CreativeKids, developing visual comprehension, concept creation and execution through a range of mediums and projects, e.g. mixed-media fairy paintings (one of my favourites!) to chalk animal portraits. Moving halfway across the world for my studies resulted in an unplanned six-year hiatus, but in late 2019, I returned to drawing regularly! This was partly because I wanted to create bookish fanart, as well as from volunteering at my local library’s art sessions. My artistic inspiration largely stems from words, music and nature…anything that reminds me of human connection or tells a story. I currently work with watercolour, alcohol markers, coloured pencils, and digital art in Procreate. I’m always looking to try new things! Why the name ‘paper plane nomad’? It comes from imagining the pages of books folding into paper planes, transporting me to new (or familiar!) places. As I read, I travel, and this perpetual journey through realm after realm leaves pieces of my heart all over the universe - so I see myself as a paper plane nomad! If you’ve read up to here, you’re amazing. Thank you so much! If you enjoy any of my content, please consider supporting me through a ko-fi tip! Everything goes towards household bills and my long-term goal of upgrading my tools to improve the digital art I create for you! If you’re not able to buy me a ko-fi right now, following me on my social media would also help a ton 💜 Take care of yourselves and thank you once again, Sabrina

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