Pareidolia Community

Hello, and thank you for visiting our donation page! The Pareidolia Team welcomes you to our platform dedicated to organising online art exhibitions. Our mission revolves around fostering connections among artists worldwide, providing them with a platform to showcase their artistry. This marks our third online exhibition, and with an increasing number of submissions, we've decided to request a small donation to support our technical team. The donations will solely contribute to providing our hardworking technical staff with much-needed coffee as they diligently assemble the exhibition on our website. Although we attempted to tether them to their laptops, it appears that chaining them down is not an effective strategy! We propose a donation of £8 (or its equivalent in your currency). However, we understand that this might not be feasible for everyone at the moment. If financial constraints pose a challenge, please contribute what you can—your support means the world to us. On the other hand, if you're in a position to give more, your generosity will greatly aid those who might face difficulties in contributing presently. Thank you for being part of our journey and for supporting the arts. Your generosity helps us continue nurturing the creative spirit of artists globally.

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